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Dr Amin Jurdi gave a presentation at Hammana in summer of 2016 to promote women's health awareness and delivered a step by step breakdown of various Gynecological problems and talked about the causes of infertility and reviewed new updates on assisted reproductive techniques available in addition to tackling common problems encountered during pregnancy and delivery and discussing solutions.


Dr Jurdi went on to answer all the queries and different questions asked by the audience and addressed the important aspects of women's health and highlighted the necessity of Gynecologist patients' visits to periodically screen for conditions such as cervical and breast cancer.


The Medical seminar ended with pictures of the Doctor and the attendees and a thankfull note for Dr Jurdi's dedication to give this keynote presentation that was much appreciated by the event organizers as well as by the audience and the Maten women's health Association who made all the efforts to make this event a successful one.